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(AP) Police aboard the tiny island of Bonaire said Thursday that two pieces of baggage from a missing airplane that was carrying celine bags online the CEO of Italian fashion house Missoni has washed up on a local coast.
In pink nike wind max Curacao, Bonaire police announcer Hans Baltus confirmed that two bags found earlier this week aboard a rocky coast were from the missing airplane carrying Vittorio Missoni,nike air max 95, his wife and four others. He said the bags were discovered Tuesday by a local weekly correspondent aboard the tiny island off Venezuela.
Baltus said police were within contact with Verna for a home representative.
The BN-2 Islander airplane carrying Missoni and the others vanished presently then takeoff aboard Jan.four from Los Roques,nike free shoes, a tiny archipelago that is a dependency of Venezuela. It was celine bags online celine grasp destined for Caracas,jordan 13, the South American nation's central.
Late last month, a bag belonging to a tourist who missed that flight washed up among alongside Curacao,nike free run 2, which lies some 200 miles (320 kilometers) west of the resort islands of Los Roques. It was the first sign of debris from the missing airplane.
From Italy, mulberry bags outlet Verna said the Missoni purchase celine sack home plus friends of the missing couple are still hoping that the plane did never plunge into the ocean.
"You cannot exclude that someone could bombard bags mulberry bags amid the sea However, the National Flight Safety Agency has said that nor factor namely being blamed as the disappearance by this period.
Seven minutes after takeoff, the pilot reported that he was at five,air max 90,000 feet and 10 nautical miles from the Los Roques aerodrome by apt the surrogate The last celine baggage sack spend radar readings showed the aeroplane accelerating at five,400 feet onward it immediately lost elevation plus speed veering to the right until it disappeared from the radar.
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